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​Artist(s)/Groups (Show Titles Coming Soon!)
2018 Exhibit Dates
January 26th - 28th
February 16th - 19th
Art 'Round Town - Art Collectors Show & Sale
March 9th - 25th
March 30th - April 22nd
Chroma Creature Vessel Vision - Lewis Family Exhibit 
April 27th - May 20th
Group Exhibit (TBA)
May 25th - June 17th
 Northerly Pots--the Long Pleasurable Carry 
(Early Snows Pottery)
June 22nd - July 15th 
July 20th - August 12th 
Current Exhibit Information:

Come join us for the opening reception of the Winter Plein Air exhibit Friday, January 26th from 5 - 8 pm. The exhibit will only be open for 3 days so do not miss your chance to see all of the beautiful paintings - all of the artwork will be available for purchase.

The Gallery will be open January 27th from 10 am - 4 pm and on January 28th from 10 am - 2 pm. 

For more information please contact the Johnson Heritage Post Art Gallery at 218-387-2314 or by email at: jhp@boreal.orgCurrent Exhibit Information

For more information call or email the Johnson Heritage Post at 387-2314 or jhp@boreal.org
August 17th - September 9th
September 14th - October 7th
November 9th - December 2nd
December 6th
Elise Kyllo & Trisch Beilke (Fiber Art & Weaving)
December 7th - December 30th 
John Gregor & Tami Phillippi Photography Exhibit
October 12th - November 4th
George Morrison Giclée Exhibition