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Johnson Heritage Post Art Gallery proudly presents the Frozen Photographers Exhibit. The Frozen Photographers are a group of inspired and determined outdoor photographers, endure sub-zero temperatures to capture the awe-inspiring magic of the winter landscape. An exhibit of their work, entitled “Be There or Be Square” is now open at the Johnson Heritage Post Art Gallery in downtown Grand Marais. Each photographer is required to submit one work with a square (1:1) ratio. While some of the subject matter is related to the cold, many of the images are much warmer! The exhibit runs through June 18th. 

If you don't know who the Frozen Photographers are they consist of a Facebook group that was founded by Jamie Rabold. Jamie started the group in 2011 with the thought of having a place to find like-minded photographers that loved to take winter photos. They are a mixed group of photography enthusiasts from around the world that love to get out in the bitter cold and capture natures wonders.

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